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What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal. It uses a small, fine needle (probe) that is inserted into the hair follicle. An electric current is then applied to the needle, which destroys the hair growth cells, preventing future hair growth in that follicle. However, it takes several sessions for permanent results because... science. Hair follicles are intricate parts of our body that are always changing (More info comes with your consultation). This procedure can be used on any part of the body and is suitable for people of all skin and hair types. It is considered the only truly permanent hair removal method, as other methods such as laser hair removal only temporarily reduce the growth of hair.

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Yaheidy Mendoza L.E. and Certified Professional Electrologist

As a licensed electrologist (2017) with certifications dating back to 2019, I have a wide range of experience working with clients of all skin and hair types. My expertise lies in working with women, particularly those with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), as well as transgender women, to remove hair that may cause dysmorphia, particularly on the face and in pre-surgery areas. Additionally, I have experience working with male clients, providing services such as removing hair from the back, ears, and beard/cheek areas. Through electrolysis, I am able to offer a permanent hair removal solution for all clients.

Our Services

(smaller appointments)

These are is ideal for clients that have some hair on: chin, upper lip, ears, eyebrows, neck, underarm, around the nipple, happy trail (stomach strip), toes, and some bikini clients. Most clients that qualify for smaller appointments dont have hormonal imbalances that may cause excess hair in these areas.

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15 Minutes

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20 Minutes

30 Minutes

Our Services

(larger appointments)

These are is ideal for clients That have excess hair because of a hormonal illness such as pcos, also for my transgender clients, and just high volume area clearances.

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45 Minutes

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One hour

Two hour

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Yaheidy is professional and has a great personality! Electrolysis isn’t exactly fun, but she somehow makes it enjoyable. You always feel welcome and cared for with her and she’s always ensuring you are as comfortable as possible! 10/10 absolutely recommend!

Ava Wright

What Our Clients Say
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I went to Yaheidy at a really vulnerable time (the 3 month window before bottom surgery!), and she made me feel so safe while also doing a wonderful job. I highly recommend Yaheidy to anyone looking for permanent hair removal — great person and great at what she does.

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I've been going to Yaheidy for electrolysis for 2.5 years. She guessed that we'd need about 3 years, and we're ahead of that because of how fast she is. My results are exactly what I needed and wanted, and on top of it all, she does a great job with pain control!

Em Rabelias

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Our mission is to empower individuals by providing safe and effective permanent hair removal services. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where our clients feel comfortable and confident. We are dedicated to educating ourselves and our clients on the latest technology and techniques in electrolysis, in order to achieve optimal results. We are committed to promoting self-care and body positivity, while helping our clients to achieve their desired look and feel.

Our Mission


If you've never been to our office make sure you choose the consultation option to book! Consultations are free however we require a 48 hour notice to cancel/reschedule. Changes made in less than 48 hours will result in a $25 booking fee and your card on file will be charged. Our policies are strictly enforced.

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office policies

We have a 48hr cancellation policy for cancels/ reschedules. The card on file will be charged for any changes made within 48hrs.

We also ask that you arrive on time for your appt. If you arrive late, its up to the discretion of your tech if they will provide services that day or if you need to be rescheduled. Please note this will be marked as a late cancel

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